Put off until tomorrow what can’t be done today. We'll remind you.

Sometimes, even the best-intentioned day gets away from us. And sometimes the best thing to do when that happens is crumple up your to-do list and put it out of your mind until tomorrow.

That's what I occasionally do, which is why I made this extremely simple single-purpose site.

How it works

After quickly setting up your account (only takes a minute, promise) and logging in, you'll see a screen that looks a little something like this...

All you do is enter a task in the field under "Remind me to...," set an optional priority level (tasks with more stars appear at the top of your list, but that's as fancy as it gets), click the "Add to Tomorrow" button, and that's it. Any time you think of something you want us to remind you about tomorrow, come back here, quickly enter it in, forget all about it and go about your day. That's all there is to it.

Then what?

Once a day, if there's anything on your list, we'll send you an email that looks like this ...

... at the hour of your choosing (which you can set up when you sign up, and change anytime in the settings page). So if you prefer an email at night before you go to sleep or would rather it be waiting for you when you wake up, the choice is yours.

If your list is empty, we won't bother you. We only email you when you tell us to, and never more than once every 24 hours.

What else?

That's basically it. I made this site because I wanted a single function done a certain way, and it likely will stay simple as a result. (Though I might be adding a Super Future Problems option that allows you to send yourself a list of stuff on the first of the month instead of the following day. We'll see.)

Can I peek at my list early?

No. You'll see an envelope icon ( ) next to your username when there's something on your list and an email is imminent, but there's no peeking beforehand. The idea is to add things to the list and put them out of your mind until the next day.

What else is being done with my email address?

Absolutely nothing. We will never give it to anyone else, nor will we ever email you except to confirm your account and when you explicitly ask us to send you a list because you added something to it.

Are there any plans to monetize this site?

Not really. I don't think it's going to be some big deal. I may add a single banner ad at the bottom of the page, but it'll almost certainly be a static ad for something else I'm making/made (like this) and not your typical useless advertisement nobody likes. Keeping it simple.

Similarly, I might throw in a quick plug for something I'm working on in the emailed list. But it'll be text only, no graphics, and that email will never have any other kind of advertising dragging it down. Keeping that simple too.

Any plans for an app?

Not at the moment. But you can add a shortcut to your home screen that basically does everything that would do. It even has a cute robot icon.

Do you keep/look at any of my data?

No. Once your email is sent out, the tasks in that email are kept for a day, but only so you can quickly re-add them to the following day's list if you need to do so for whatever reason. Once tasks are two days old, they're deleted forever.

What if I want to delete my account anyway?

There's an option to do so on your settings page. It takes even less time than signing up.